The Code of Ethics for Pharmaceutical Marketing has been adopted at the will and upon common agreement of IFPA and VGA – associations of companies engaged in pharmaceutical marketing in Lithuania. Code seeks to ensure that pharmaceutical companies engage in an ethical promotion, restrain from deceitful practices and potential conflicts of interest with healthcare professionals, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Thus the Code seeks to enable an environment where the general public may be sure that the choices regarding their medicinal products are made based on the merit of each product and the patients’ clinical needs. This Code does not aim at restraining the promotion of medicines in such a way as to hinder fair competition or limit interaction with healthcare professionals. Annexes A (Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics Committee), B (the Guidelines for Internet Websites), C (the Code of Ethics on Relationships Between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Patient Organisations) and D (the Disclosure Code) are inseparable part of the Code of Ethics for Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Both associations (IFPA and VGA) contribute to EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations) mission – to promote development of technologies and economics of pharmaceutical industry, helping to put on the market medicines that improve human health around the world.